Shree Financial

Wealth Management

A Comprehensive Approach to Your Financial Success

There is great satisfaction in financial success. Unfortunately, many people do not know where to begin, or where and how to invest. As a small, dedicated firm our broad expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to managing your complete personal financial environment.

Financial Strategy

We take a high-level, comprehensive view of your entire net worth and explore your goals and objectives. We then craft a realistic and detailed financial plan, cash flow projections, a spending and savings plan, and account structure recommendations.

Investment Management

Your custom investment plan is integrated with your overall financial plan and matched to your time horizon and your comfort level with investment risk. We then create an Investment Policy Statement to help us manage your investments and guide you in evaluating our performance.

Asset Protection and Risk Management

We provide insurance review and recommendations for liability, property, health, life, and disability insurance. We look at risk both from an insurance perspective and in the sense of protecting your overall asset base, considering worst-case scenarios to make sure you’re not exposed.

Monitoring & Review

We will monitor the investments, send periodic reports & appropriate alerts, and do a regular review. This helps you make informed decisions & take control of your finances. It's to be noted that your funds are invested outside and never with us, we only act as a consultant.