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Welcome To Shree Financial

Shree Financial has established itself as one of the Fastest Growing Investment Firm with a Mission to Make Peoples Dream Come True by Following a Systematic Approach.

Doing the ‘right’ thing is a virtue most desirable. The difference between success and failure is often, not dictated by knowledge or expertise, but by its actual application and perseverance. When it comes to successful wealth creation for clients, it is something that we believe in & practice. For us it is more than a mission; it is what defines our lives and our actions at Shree Financial.

With this passion, we continue to evolve and make the right product accessions and service innovations in our offerings.

Our passion has seen us grow from strength to strength and expand rapidly, setting new benchmarks in the process. But to us, what really matters the most is the number of lives we have managed to transform, and we still have a long way to go. Shree Financial takes pride in being a professionally managed, quality focused and customer centric firm. The strength lies in the strong domain knowledge in investment consultancy and the delivery of sustainable value to clients.

Goal Based Planning

Helping you pursue personally meaningful goals. At Shree Financial, we believe that true financial success is achieved when your portfolio enables you to reach your goals.

Retirement Planning

We let you focus on what you do best. At Shree financial we understand your present needs and long-term life goals, and help you to figure out a tailored made plan which is appropriate for your retirement goal.

Financial Planning

Financial security doesn’t happen through luck or by accident. We can assist and plan for your future - so you can move forward with confidence.

NRI Investment Services

India is a land of opportunities and one can create long term wealth by investing in right products. We are here to help from inception to monitoring your investments and become part of India growth story.

Wealth Mgmt. Services

Build Your Wealth, Preserve your wealth, Transfer your wealth, Protect your future by financial planning using our expertise of financial domain.

WorkSpace Wellness

We work on the steps to eliminate financial stress, establish meaningful goals and enrich People’s life by sharing our wisdom and expertise to build your financial strength and secure future against uncertanity.

Most Preffered and Trusted Financial Advisor

Nishith Baldevdas

Nishith Baldevdas is a financial service veteran with 18 years of experience into financial industry, out of which 14 years into personal finance and Money Management. He founded Shree financial in 2008 and was one of the first few Individuals to be a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

Our Mission

To Educate, Empower and Assist 10,000 People to achieve Financial Freedom by 2030.

Our Vision

All our clients should be able to Earn Well, Spend Well, and Invest Well.
All our clients should be able to create decent wealth for their retirement so that they can lead a respectable and happy Retirement.
All Our clients should be able to meet their financial goals with High Predictability.
All our clients should be less stressed about Money Matters.
All Our clients should be financially capable of taking a break from their work for at least 2 years if they wish!!!
All our clients should be financially free after 15 years with us.

Our Promises

That Your Success

Personalised and Tailor-made solutions suiting you and your loved once

Meet your Financial Goals with our deep Knowledge and Expertise

We keep all conflicts at bay and only one element stays at the Center piece – Your financial success.

Expect Perfect service and support for Investment process at every step

Be Clear and assured with our Research Backed Investment Decisions

Experience a long-term customer centric Engagement with us

Our Key Highlights

14 Years

of Exp. into Personal Finance


Cities of Global footprints


Financial Planning Families

125+ Families

trust us with their wealth


Investor's trust our Service

200 Cr+

Asset Under Advisory


NRIs Wealth Managed

Media Presence:

Live Mint & Economic Times

Why Choose Us

Great Collaboration

We are happy to work with you if you

  • Have patience in reaching your financial goals comfortably
  • Believe in asset allocation and structured approach to wealth creation through financial planning
  • Prefer regular review of your financial plan once in a year

You may not appreciate to associate with us

  • If you have no financial goals
  • If you need complex solutions, special products
  • If you are looking for direct equity advisory
  • If you want to discuss each event happening in financial world
  • If you want to generate superlative returns and focused on portfolio performance than financial goals
  • If you have adequate knowledge and time to manage your personal finance

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For your financial needs.

Sai Anand Natrajan, Business Analyst Gavs Technology, Australia

Earn, save and spend is traditional thought Told to me , I inherited the same and practice the same till I met Nishith. Nishith twiked the term save as INVEST it is a awesome change in a finance life of me. He shared wealth of investment knowledge to me and supported me to practice and implement the INVESTMENT. I followed his advised and see that what he said and what it result out is TRUE. I would say if you need your money to make money for u. Without my second thought I will point Nishith .This is not sales pitch its pitch to make your ball (money) to bounce high then u expect .I felt the experience you invest your experience.

  • Execllent!!

Jitesh Lal , Senior Consultant at CTS Massachusettts, US

I always thought that I was very good at financial planning. I had multiple investments across various instruments and I was confident that I'm doing the right thing....until I met Nishith. After meeting him I realized how insufficient my financial planning had been. With his approach of goal based planning, I feel financially more  stronger due to two things: right level of investment into future and a investment discipline. Thanks Nishith. I would luv to continue working with you. Nishith also has got the right experience, knowledge and service infrastructure to support the needs of his customers. 

  • Execllent!!

Saurabh Taparia, Senior Finance Manager at Landmark Group Lifestyle LLC - UAE

I have been dealing with Nishith for last 6 plus years. For sure 2 things comes first to my mind are; Integrity & Client interest. Nishith has always ensured client interest is maintained and client is served with highest levels of integrity.  When you are financially planning your investments for the loved ones of your family definitely you need a financial planner on whom you can rely completely without any doubt. Good luck you are doing great job.

  • Execllent!!

Urmi Shah, URMI Bridal Studio Chennai

 I would like to thank you for your untiring efforts to educate ordinary people like us and making us fin knowledge confident. Your mails ,messages and financial updates along with the reminders are making life easier in these hectic times. Your open and easy approach makes us comfortable and secure. Very happy to be part of your Shree Financial Family 

  • Execllent!!

Bhumesh Subramaniam,IT Professional Chennai

I remember when I got introduced to Nishith, it was in May 2008 and our relationship in investment continues till now, I got and getting enormous support and guidance from Nishith and Shree Financial. Before I got introduced to Nishith I was investing only in Fixed Deposit or any other Post office schemes. Nishith had helped me to pick good investment instruments based on my Age, Risk-taking ability, Lifestyle, and Income from 2008 to till now. He is highly dependable and guides us on returns that we can expect. I got higher returns than what he told me when I started investing. I am a Happy Investor…. All the Best Nishith and Shree Financial

  • Execllent!!

Supriya Adiga- HP India Sales Telangana

I have known Nishith for over 8 years, and he has guided me on my financial goals with diligence and commitment. Thanks to him, I am comfortably placed financially, and I never question his knowledge and guidance. His first piece of advice to me was to close all loans, and once I did that, it was like a big burden off my shoulders. He is always reachable, and extremely prompt and courteous. I continue to save and invest guided by him, and I strongly recommend him to my friends and family as well.  

  • Execllent!!

Karthik Shanmugam, (Singapore) & Vinodh Shanmugam (Coimbatore, India)

“We have known and worked with Nishith for more than a decade. He is truly our family’s go to consultant in matters of financial planning. We would like to express our thanks for the great work he has done for us over the past years. His financial acumen together with the expertise and attention to details in handling our financial affairs could not be faulted. Nishith demonstrates great passion, knowledge, and genuine interest in achieving the best for his clients. Nishith stands by his analysis and recommendations, and we have reaped great financial benefits from his advice. We feel very comfortable to put our finances in Nishith’s care and for him to guide us in the right direction. We highly recommend Nishith’s services and look forward to many more years working together”

  • Execllent!!

Jeyaprabhakar Ayyappan, Carrier Air-conditioning Senior Manager Client Service and Business Development, South Asia

Nishith was a fresher in 2008 when my ex-boss introduced him to me, my initial thought was that “he is just another “insurance or investment counsellor. However, during our short interaction, he proved me wrong, and he is different from the rest of the investment advisors. Nishith is a genuine person, who asks very simple questions and provides a clear assessment about your financial situation and whether you can invest further or not. Even though he was cautioning me about the financial discipline from day one, I realized the importance only by 2014, since then he guided me to follow the financial discipline and investments. Now in 2022 when I reflect back on 2008, it was one of the best decisions to associate myself with him and Shree Financials. Now I am more confident about saving, investments and post retirement planning. He is a reliable and honest person.  Nishith and his wife are doing a great job and I would strongly recommend him to manage your financials. 

  • Execllent!!

Sundar, Academician UAE

Nishith Baldevdas has been advising me on financial matters for more than three years. The two most important things I like about working with him are his acumen in finding the right set of financial products and his commitment to guide you on your financial journey. He designs the various aspects of your portfolio carefully and explains his rationale for his decisions. After this step, he reviews your portfolio periodically and makes necessary adjustments. Equally important, he provides a regular stream of advice on developing a right attitude towards wealth creation. Ultimately, he will help you to create wealth and also develop a right mindset to manage that wealth. I believe both are equally important in one’s financial journey.

  • Execllent!!

Jayanth & Madhumitha , IT Professional Czech Republic

"Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving" This is probably the best life guiding principle Nishith made us realize and follow religiously. Even though I come from a financial background, I leave my investment decisions to professional like Nishith. It is a continuous & interesting learning for all of us in our entire journey with him for the past 14+ years. We highly appreciate his dedication towards constantly updating his knowledge and learning advanced techniques of investing. This gives us a very different perspective when reviewing our investments regularly. To add more, he spends phenomenal effort to spread the knowledge about Finance to the entire family - Tuesday tips on Finance, Wednesday Freedom, Week-end reading, seminars etc. His views about traditional vs. modern investments amazed us many times. Finally, I'm very confident about retiring and attaining financial freedom even before the age of 50. Many thanks to Nishith & his family members for helping and supporting hundreds of families like us. It's a real life-time experience with Nishith and we are truly enjoying every bit of it. We wish him many more success in all his future endeavours.

  • Execllent!!

Lakshmi Priya Radhakrishnan, HR Director Bangalore

While I have worked for most of my adult life and so has my husband, we did not put a lot of priority on financial planning. We were content to let our savings accounts grow, put excess amounts in fixed deposits and generally invest in jewelry or a bit of real estate and a comfortable car, taking advantage of what we thought were good deals on loans. The discussion we had with Nishith was a big eye-opener. We understood how we would always be in debt, not provide adequately for emergencies and retirement. We had assumed that since we had enough surplus every month to pay our EMIs, we were comfortable. Only after the detailed financial planning conducted by Nishith, did we understand that we were losing a lot of money with long-term high-interest loans, and were parking surplus funds in areas where the funds were not really working for us. Thanks to the action plan thoughtfully created by Nishith, we are now on our way to closing all our loans, investing money where it makes optimal sense and leads us to financial security. I would encourage my children to follow the advice of a financial planner like Nishith right from a very young age, and as soon as they start earning.

  • Execllent!!

Bhavesh & Urmi shah, Entrepreneur Chennai

We would like to express our thanks for the work you have done for us over the past years. The expertise and attention to detail with which you have handled our financial affairs could not be faulted. Particularly reassuring to us is our feeling of certainty in the absolute integrity of your dealings with us. Your continual advice on financial planning issues has saved us significant amounts of money. Passion, knowledge, and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. Nishith has this and more. His dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets him apart and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes. May you prosper, along with your clients.

  • Execllent!!


My name is Tarek, a German National living and working in India the past 11 years. It happened in the year 2008 in Chennai, that I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Nishith Bachasa, founder of Shree Financial. Today after more than 7 years of business relation with Shree Financial as a service consumer I can recall I was fortunate not only because I had found a highly professional partner that guides me with all my financial & investment planning related concerns, but much more important to me having found a sincere and trustful personality which is very rare to find in this Business Driven World these days. Over the period of 7 years I have experienced that all the advice and direction given by Mr.Nishith Bachasa had been the best option for my investment configurations. Communicating to Nishith is more like asking a Friend for his highly professional advice. My dearest compliments to Shree Financial Team for always being there when I needed them most also in various insurance issues where i have experienced the dedicated and time sensitive actions taken by all the members of Shree Financial.

  • Execllent!!


It was in 2008 that I got to know of Shree Financial and I am very glad that I dealt with Nishith. He was able to explain good investment options to a novice like me and I am very fortunate to have him as a guide and consultant who is trustworthy and intelligent too. I was able to very easily plan for my son’s education and also my investments. Shree Financial is very straight forward and highly customer oriented.

  • Execllent!!

Sooraj Sitaram United Kingdom

Nishith has been my financial consultant for over 10 years now. I have enjoyed and appreciated every bit of his quick response service as well as his advice on finance matters. I would recommend him as your financial consultant mainly because of his knowledge and Quick response. I have always got his response within 12 hrs. anytime I get in touch with him

  • Execllent!!


I was doing investment before meeting you, but You introduced me to the structured/disciplined approach to investment. I preferred your approach as it was not tied to any particular company or product, which helped me hedge my financial risk appropriately.

  • Execllent!!


I have known Nishith since school. He has been managing my entire portfolio consisting of insurance, equity & fixed income investments for the last 4 years. In my opinion, his remarkable traits as a financial planner are his maturity and professionalism. Maturity: Nishith doesn't get carried away with market fads. He strongly believes in continuity of investments and in the power of compounding for long-term wealth creation. By doing so, he ensures there is no risk arising from unnecessary churning in pursuit of short-term gains. Professionalism: In order to offer best advice, Nishith keeps himself updated about product launches, market movements and regulatory changes and also studies them in detail. Whenever his advice is sought, rather than suggesting popular products off-hand, he takes out sometime to analyze our current requirement and then suggests suitable alternatives consistent with overall portfolio goals. More importantly, rather than imposing his ideas, he explains the benefits and limitations of various alternatives and lets us take the final decision. By doing so, he ensures we are also committed to the investment.

  • Execllent!!

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