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As one of the fastest-growing economies, India offers NRIs a wide range of investment opportunities across a variety of asset classes. With investment opportunities ranging from equity, fixed income, real estate, and more, India has continued to stand as an attractive investment destination.

NRIs keen to explore investment opportunities in Indian capital markets can choose from various investment avenues such as India dedicated Mutual Funds Schemes, Portfolio Investment Schemes, and other eligible securities. Investment offerings, however, should be customized to your risk profile and investment objectives. To understand asset class behavior, the offering must further be backed by a strong research team and a customized service dedicated team. A transaction-based investment management approach or the asset advisory approach offered by wealth management firms in a specific country can meet these needs.

Disclaimer: The above information is only for educational purposes. It is not intended to be a solicitation of business in whatsoever manner. For permissible investments by NRI in Indian markets, appropriate legal advice and guidance should be obtained.


A person who stayed abroad for more than 182 days in a given financial year is considered an NRI.

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