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Goal Based Planning

An individual is successful only if he can take care of all his financial goals and create a good eco system around him. As the first step a better understanding on the personal financial goals in front of him is essential and in the next step he must start planning to make sure his goals are achieved.

we had the opportunity of making many happy families be self-sustained, by establishing their financial goals one by one.

Goal Based Planning is a skill where every minute element of the client’s financial goal is established, and an exclusive solution is derived. A regular follow-up and personalized restructuring can for sure help in achieving the goal.

I have listed below few of the Common Financial Goal to be achieved by an individual

Children’s Education / Marriage
Purchase of new CAR /Home
Starting of New Business
Emergency Expense…

Personalized Financial Goals can be many depending on the individual’s requirement– need to spend more time to qualify and quantify.

It might look difficult or impossible in achieving all your financial goals in a single day – yes, it’s true! But a systematic and regular planning will help in achieving it for sure.

The process for Goal Planning Includes:

Risk Profiling
Goals Estimation
Portfolio Creation
Portfolio Implementation
Tracking and Management of Portfolio management