Tarek Frank Feissali

My name is Tarek, a German National living and working in India the past 11 years. It happened in the year 2008 in Chennai, that I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Nishith Bachasa, founder of Shree Financial. Today after more than 7 years of business relation with Shree Financial as a service consumer I can recall I was fortunate not only because I had found a highly professional partner that guides me with all my financial & investment planning related concerns, but much more important to me having found a sincere and trustful personality which is very rare to find in this Business Driven World these days. Over the period of 7 years I have experienced that all the advice and direction given by Mr.Nishith Bachasa had been the best option for my investment configurations. Communicating to Nishith is more like asking a Friend for his highly professional advice. My dearest compliments to Shree Financial Team for always being there when I needed them most also in various insurance issues where i have experienced the dedicated and time sensitive actions taken by all the members of Shree Financial.