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Jeyaprabhakar Ayyappan, Carrier Air-conditioning

Nishith was a fresher in 2008 when my ex-boss introduced him to me, my initial thought was that “he is just another “insurance or investment counsellor. However, during our short interaction, he proved me wrong, and he is different from the rest of the investment advisors. Nishith is a genuine person, who asks very simple questions and provides a clear assessment about your financial situation and whether you can invest further or not. Even though he was cautioning me about the financial discipline from day one, I realized the importance only by 2014, since then he guided me to follow the financial discipline and investments. Now in 2022 when I reflect back on 2008, it was one of the best decisions to associate myself with him and Shree Financials. Now I am more confident about saving, investments and post retirement planning. He is a reliable and honest person.  Nishith and his wife are doing a great job and I would strongly recommend him to manage your financials.