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Jayanth & Madhumitha , IT Professional

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”

This is probably the best life guiding principle Nishith made us realize and follow religiously. Even though I come from a financial background, I leave my investment decisions to professional like Nishith. It is a continuous & interesting learning for all of us in our entire journey with him for the past 14+ years. We highly appreciate his dedication towards constantly updating his knowledge and learning advanced techniques of investing. This gives us a very different perspective when reviewing our investments regularly. To add more, he spends phenomenal effort to spread the knowledge about Finance to the entire family – Tuesday tips on Finance, Wednesday Freedom, Week-end reading, seminars etc. His views about traditional vs. modern investments amazed us many times.

Finally, I’m very confident about retiring and attaining financial freedom even before the age of 50. Many thanks to Nishith & his family members for helping and supporting hundreds of families like us. It’s a real life-time experience with Nishith and we are truly enjoying every bit of it. We wish him many more success in all his future endeavours.